Orange County Business Journal – We made the list . . . again!

Good News! We’re happy to report that Brixen & Sons was recognized as one of Orange County’s Top 30 Commercial Printers! This alone is thrilling enough, but wait . . . there’s more! If you like lists, (who doesn’t?) we topped this one:

Brixen & Sons was #1 in increased earnings from last year. Our percentage gain was higher than any of the other printers on the list.

Orange County Business Journal List - 2019 Commercial Printers

Thank you to our wonderful customers!

Brixen & Sons is incredibly lucky to have a team of such dedicated and talented employees. But while we’d love to take all the credit and pat ourselves on the back until we burp- we know it’s not us we have to thank – it’s you – our awesome customers. Without our customers, well, there wouldn’t be any business in the first place! Cliché? Possibly. Obvious? Definitely. But it’s also our truth here at Brixen & Sons. That’s why we provide that unrivaled, go-the-distance customer service we’re known for. So, giant high-fives to you, awesome customers. You’re the hero in this partnership, and we appreciate you!

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